Signs of Hypoglycemia

>h2>Signs of Hypoglycemia: Overview

The usual signs of hypoglycemia are cold extremities (cold hands or nose), sweating, nausea, feeling faint, feeling tired, and mood disturbances 1-3 hours after eating. However, hypoglycemia symptoms can be wide and varied, affecting everyone in a different way. In addition, what one person calls the “shakes” someone else might call “anxiety” or “nervousness.” The following list of symptoms are all symptoms that visitors to this website have used to describe how they feel when they have hypoglycemia. If this sounds like you, you may have the low blood sugar condition:
signs of hypoglycemia

Signs of Hypoglycemia: General symptoms

  • You feel dizzy and shaky all of a sudden after eating.
  • You suddenly feeling shaky and numb for no reason.
  • You get heart palpitations after eating (especially carbs, like white flour-based foods).
  • You have quivering lines in your vision.
  • You have a habit of waking up too early (especially if you wake up feeling stressed, or from a nightmare).
  • You have shaky hands.
  • You get shaky after eating carbs.
  • You feel cold, clammy, shaky after eating.
  • You get cold feet or hands after eating.
  • You have problems with feeling faint, vision problems, and numb extremities.
  • You feel nervous and shaky and your hands are cold.
  • You have clammy hands and feet with shakiness in your body.
  • You have a sensation of a groggy tunnel vision with an upset stomach feeling.
  • You get the shakes about an hour after eating.
  • You get cold hands and feet after eating.
  • You feel dizzy and sick to your stomach for no apparent reason.
  • You feel “weird” after eating.
  • An hour after eating you feel like you can’t breathe (a panicked or anxious feeling).
  • You have a melt down when tired or hungry.
  • You have a numbness in your fingers, nose, and mouth.
  • You get dizziness after not eating for just a couple of hours.
  • Your hunger pains are accompanied by a dizzy feeling.
  • You get clammy hands after not eating for a while.
  • You feel like you’re going to pass out after eating.
  • You crave sweets, like chocolate.
  • You get mood swings when you eat/don’t eat.
  • You feel dizzy, clumsy and drunk.
  • You wake up shaky after eating carbs.
  • You start sweating when starving, along with shaking and feeling dizzy.
  • You feel a trembling sensation 2 hours after eating.
  • You feel dizzy and confused if you don’t eat. A feeling of being tired and unable to concentrate.
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